A simple guide to New Moon Ritual

New Moon is the prefect time for reset and new beginnings. There are variety types of rituals, some are more complicated than others. I like to keep things simple, it is most important to connect with your feelings you set your intentions. Here are some options you can try out for yourself this upcoming New Moon.

Cleanse your space with Sage
This is a quick little energy reset ritual I do during New Moon or Full Moon, however you can do this any time you feel that your space needs an energy cleanse.

You will need a white sage stick (not the herb you use for cooking). They are usually sold at new age/ crystal stores or health food stores. You can also get them online or make your own.

Begin by opening windows in your space, this will allow old energy to exit. Make sure you have a fireproof dish or an abalone shell that you can hold your sage in. Hold the sage stick in an angle and light the end for about 15-20 seconds, then blow out the flame and place it in the dish. You should see orange embers at the edge and begin to see the sage smoke. Fan out the smoke as you walk around your space. I like to start from one end of the house, follow the walls until I've circled the entire space, making sure I've covered every corner. As you are fanning out the smoke, set intention for releasing negative energy and imagine the good vibes you want to bring into your space. Continue burning the sage if you are planning to cleanse your crystals, otherwise, remember to smudge out the bundle for fire safety.


Cleanse and Charge your Crystals
New Moon is a great time for cleansing and charging your crystals and your crystal jewellery. The moon energy during this time is especially strong.

There are different ways to cleanse your crystals, some can be done by smudging in sage smoke, others can be cleanse with water. The type of method you use will depend on the crystals, for example, not all are suitable for cleansing with water. The easiest method would be placing it under moonlight. Begin by setting an intention to purge old built up energy in the crystal, place it at a spot by the window or outside where moonlight can shine on it. I like to do this right after the sun has set, let it bathe under the moon all night long, cleansing and charging it with new energy. Remember to collect your crystals in the morning, too much sun light could damage some crystals and may cause colour to fade. Even though the moon energy is most powerful during New Moon or Full Moon, this ritual can be done any time you want to cleanse and recharge your crystals.


Set Intentions for New Cycle
New Moon is all about new beginnings. As the moon moves into a new lunar cycle, it is a good time for setting new goals, start new projects, end bad habits or begin your time of healing.

Release the past and let go of previous events or situations that has been hindering you. Perhaps you feel stuck and want to purge the old stagnant energy. Find a quiet space and make yourself comfortable. Light a candle or play soothing music, they can aid in calming the mind. Take a little time to think about what you would like to release. This can be done through mindful meditation or writing down all thoughts that come to you. When you feel comfortable and ready, let go of all that no longer serves you. After you've released those thoughts, set intention to invite a new beginning.

The next part is journaling. Write down your goals and things you want to manifest for the next month or year. Try to be as specific as possible. Think of it as connecting with your future self. Imagine you have achieved your goals, how does your future self feel? Hold on to those feelings as you write in your journal. Write down all your goals and the steps that may require to achieve it. Lastly, complete the ritual with a moment of gratitude, make note of something you are thankful for. You may refer back to your journal any time you need a little reminder. 

And there you have it, a simple guide to the New Moon Ritual I practice personally. I hope you find this information useful and feel inspired to create your own ritual. May the New Moon bring you an abundance New Beginning!

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