Jewellery Care Instructions

Most of our items are made with sterling silver or sterling silver /gold plated metal or brass.

All Jewellery Care
In general, keep your jeweler away from lotion, perfume, hair spray etc. When you remove it, take a few seconds to wipe off residue with a soft cloth and store your jewelry in an acid-free, closed container or small plastic bags when you are not wearing it.

Silver Jewellery
If you owned silver jewelry before you will know that Tarnish is silver's enemy
. Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that develops on many metals, particularly sterling silver. Sulfur and other airborne chemicals are the main cause of tarnish, and jewelry tarnishes much faster if it's left out in the open.

Another useful tip is to store your items with chalk, this can be regular blackboard chalk. It will help to absorb the airborne substances that cause tarnish. Chalk should also be changed every couple of months.

Following the steps above should help to prolong the life of your silver

Brass jewellery
Brass does not like getting wet, oils and sweat may tarnish it quicker. To clean brass, try a mixture of lemon juice, baking powder, and water. Grab a dollop with a toothbrush and gently go over your brass jewelry, be careful not to use it on your crystal or gemstone. If the jewellery does not have any stones in it, you may also use brass cleaner follow by a jewellery polishing cloth to make it shine. 

Why does my skin turn green or black when wearing brass?
Depending on your body chemistry, brass may leave a tint to be left behind on the skin.You can seal your jewelry (where it contacts your skin) with any clear nail polish or clear Rustoleum to prevent this from happening. Reapply as needed.

Raw Crystal Jewellery
Raw crystal jewellery should not be placed in any cleaning solution, including jewellery cleaning solution. The chemicals may dull the appearance of the crystal. With crystal like titanium quartz, it may affect the finished on it and changes the colour.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding how to clean your jewellery.