All of our products are made solely as fashion accessories and are to be used in accordance with this purpose. These products are not suitable for children, as the beads may become a choking hazard if swallowed. BlackIris Design accepts no responsibility for injury caused by the destruction or misuse of these items. Ownership Rights

All product designs are exclusive to BlackIris Design and remain the intellectual property of BlackIris Design.

BlackIris Design reserves the right to use the design in its advertising. BlackIris Design also reserves the right to use any feedback you provide on our website or through email.

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Return Policy
Sorry, all sales are final sale. It is a rare case but if your item is damaged from shipping, please contact me immediately. I am happy to repair or replace the item at no extra cost. Due to the intimate nature of the products I am sorry i cannot accept returns.

Product Quality
Since all my products are handcrafted, slight variations may occur between the items you see on our website and those you receive. Even though I tried my best to adjust the colour of the images as close to the product as possible, it may still appear different than your monitor. Unless otherwise stated (e.g. pieces made with vintage materials), all items are in new condition and are final sale.

Your privacy is important. Except as stated herein, under no circumstances will BlackIrisDesign disclose any of the information you have provided to another party, without your express written (by letter or email) permission.

All the details you provide will be used purely to facilitate your order and our design process.