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This necklace features a silver plated Moon Phase pendant with moonstones accents. Pendant measures roughly 2.5 x 3 cm. The rolo chain is made with stainless steel and measures roughly 30". This necklace is perfect for a moon child, moon sister, astronomy lover or anyone who likes moon jewellery.

Each phase of the Moon resonates with magical significance and astrological meaning. In predictive astrology these phases reveal different themes in your life, and offer a guide to planning activities, projects, and even study. If you want to try tuning in to these phases you’ll need to observe the Moon every evening, cloud permitting, and check exact details of its phase in an almanac or moon calendar.

Moonstone brings good fortune, assists in foretelling the future Enhances intuition, Promotes inspiration and Brings success in love as well as business matters. It offers protection on land and at sea.

Moonstone is also the birthstone for the month of June.